The Bark of the Cinnamon Tree

In a powerful and thought-provoking way this book of short stories covering a wealth of themes and societal issues and diversity of cultures I believe stands as wholly-unique.

There are eighteen stories altogether with multiple themes, but love and its trials is the keynote that rings throughout the whole book emitting a kind of warm scents like the cinnamon tree woods. There are stories of murder and mystery, romance and separation, satire and allegory offering a gamut of emotion – both distressing and heart-warming touching upon the complexity of love on human psyche in the ever changing social environment of today’s world. This book touches upon all kinds of love that the humanity is based upon – like parental love, romantic love, spiritual love, narcissistic love, love for one’s conviction and culture, love for one’s nostalgic past and faith.

This book is significantly rich and vibrant with evocative imagery and in its thematic contents with great potential within an educational setting at the primary, secondary and University levels.

‘The Bark of the Cinnamon Tree’ is available now on amazon.

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